Brockway Investigations

Carmel, NY

Brockway’s licensed investigators will promptly attempt to serve the individual or entity in a professional manner.   With Brockway you will work with your investigator/server to determine when, where and what time the individual should be served for a better chance of success all while complying with the courts due diligence requirements.  At your election, we can provide a ‘personal’ service, substitute service, or a ‘post & pin’ service.   Brockway has access to New York Motor Vehicle as well as database searches to assist in the difficult to serve cases.  Afterwards our investigators will notify you of the outcome of the service.  Upon completion of the process service we will return a notarized affidavit to you.  

You can send Brockway papers by email, fax, mail or FedEx.  

Brockway also offers the following services; rush service with no fee, obtaining signed subpoenas, purchasing index number, purchasing RJI, filing the documents with the court, serve the documents, file the affidavit with the court.

For a free estimate please call our office at (845) 278-5404 or email us at