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Surveillance is the discrete location, tracking, filming and reporting of an individuals activities. Brockway has a fine cadre of licensed insurance investigators to assist you and your associates in the states of New York and New Jersey -and over the past fourty years we have established a network of effective professional associates throughout the United States who are ready to help.

The key to a successful surveillance is to maintain the covert integrity of the case. In order to accomplish this, we have a variety of licensed investigators of varying genders and ethnic backgrounds ready to assist you in any neighborhood or environment. Our experienced professionals are trained in a variety of reconnaissance and observation techniques in order to maintain the covert nature of the surveillance. Each surveillance is executed and documented with the utmost care to ensure an accurate and complete summary of our observations. Each investigation is accompanied by a detailed report of all activities and information that is observed during the course of the investigation along with a digital and or video photography. In addition, we employ state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to utilize a variety of hidden cameras to obtain the video needed. Should the case result in litigation, our investigators are trained and prepared to support the investigation with a court appearance where we offer audio/video demonstrations as well as a written report of our observations and findings. Duration is based upon your budget and needs.

Available Surveillance Durations: 4 hour, 6 hour, 8 hour or hourly with a 4 hour minimum

For a free estimate of surveillance time, please contact us at 845-278-5404 or send an email with your request and contact information to

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